1. Questions/Concerns
    A. What to do when stuck in "networking"
    B. What happens if you mess up entering your password
2. Quick review of `kaldi_config.json`(leftover from last week)
    A. easiest way to edit?
3. Quick review of `data` dir (leftover from last week)
    A. See 3.2
4. `MFCC` 50k foot view
    A. See http://haythamfayek.com/2016/04/21/spee … rning.html
    B. Best way to visualize?
5. `MFCC` config file
6. review of `mfcc` dir
    A. `ark` v `scp`
7. Set up HW template
    A. `python` kernel, can use `shell` cell with `%%bash`
    B. Review of available methods
8. examine `mfcc` vectors
9. Next week
    A. 4.HW
    B. Week 5 ==> building acoustic models